26: Derek Webb (pt. 1): Songwriter | Artist | Entrepreneur


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Derek Webb is an artist. Not just a guy with a guitar. An actual artist.
He embraces risk. He plays for the future. In his words, he is:

“Always looking for the right things to rebel against.”

Episode Highlights

  • How he stays on the bleeding edge of music industry change
  • Why risk should be a part of your DNA”
  • Why he’s glad he never had a “big break”
  • How to tell if you are truly in the right line of work
  • What Derek aims for when he writes a song
  • Why he’s happy to be taking time off from music

Songs In This Episode (All by Derek Webb)

  1. “I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry, & I Love You”
  2. “Eye of the Hurricane”
  3. “I Wanna Marry You All Over Again”
  4. “Closer Than You Think”

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